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This is a first person based horror game, with looks inspired by the ps1 graphics. the game is short but i hope its enjoyable! c: 

You experience a car crash, and is led to a mysterious house.

Press esc to instant quit the game

Engine used: Unreal Engine 4

You also get a folder with some of the songs, that i have made c:

Updated 10 days ago
Published 18 days ago
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Tags3D, First-Person, Halloween, Horror, Physics, Pixel Art, ps1, Retro


Cut Short.rar 339 MB
Songs.rar 28 MB

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yeah, super scary and i like the retro look

Very fun! You definitely got me a few times with those jump scares, and it made me way more nervous rounding corners!

I also loved that I would sometimes be flung across the room if I walked across an item. I know that obviously was not intentional, but it broke the tense atmosphere and definitely helped me relax. If just a little ;) <3

Really fun game! Idk why it scared me as much as it did, I think that's why I love it so much. Those scary moments are in such a good spot in the narrative, thanks for making it! I added a video if you wanna check out my playthrough!


This was absolutely amazing lol I got the bad ending first and I think you might've mixed it up with the good ending cause that party room was amazing!

Gameplay BR

10/10 Best physics simulator yet

And here I thought I’d be dropping a line to say I look forward to the full version, just to now realize the full version is finished lol. Looks like I’ll be coming back after I finish it, but I enjoyed what I played. The style grabbed me right away, and gives the game a certain charm that’s missing from many games I’ve played. 

I Loved❤️

fun game


I loved the music man did you make it yourself? I also loved the setting of the creepy house in the woods it was all very good

Here is my video: 

Really Good Game

Really good game!WHAT IS THAT! - Cut Short Horror Indie Game

The prepare to get eaten song is so good, im actually hearing it on my playlist. The game was also fun, i played it multiple times to get the endings.

Had an amazing time playing this man keep up the amazing work!!

I'm sure this game is amazing but I chickened out 😆. I barely got anywhere but I made a little video if you wanna see a quick first look of the game without any spoilers

I had a lot of fun playing this one! great work! unfortunately i encountered a glitch at the end and i couldn't defeat the monster, the axe did not work or i overlooked something which was a shame because i really like the game!

I love the retro style pixelated graphics, the fun animation and the tongue in cheek photos on the wall. There were some issues picking up the keys and items which really threw me off but overall a great game!

(1 edit)

I really liked this game! But I had a ton of issues with crashes and glitches preventing progress. I got a fatal error three times over the course of recording and it glitched out with the axe once and I had to restart. But what I was able to play was really good; I liked that the game didn't take itself too seriously and I had fun with it!

Great game! the jumpscares got me lol, love the pixel graphics style and love the physics engine in this game lol.


hey, sorry about that glitch at the end where the axe didn't work on the boss, it appear to happen rarely, and i have personally never encountered it while playtesting, so i'm so sorry that happened. otherwise, thank you for the kind words, and the awesome playthrough

thanks for watching my playthrough, it really made my day, and it's all good, i manage to beat the boss off camera.

I enjoyed this I give 10/10 for prop surfing on leg limbs :D

its nice game i loveit but its very bugge make more

Love the pixel graphics, simple puzzle elements and short story. Could use a few more jump scares though lol. 

The game was okay. I like the pixelated graphic style and I did like the atmosphere. But it was kinda meh...not sure how to explain it but it's not really scary. Sure the jumpscares were alright but regardless. Also when you died you came into that cell and I didn't know what to do so I had to restart the game... 

Thanks for the experience though.


Amazing game here is my video of it! :D

This was a fun little game love the pixelated look very nice :) btw who are the ppl in the pictures? haha

Amazing game here is my video of it! :D


This was really fun, and had some silly moments as well. I loved the physics based gameplay, and the variety of monsters presented throughout the game. Great job!

The Game design is pretty neat. Assets and game mechanics look also good, overall great game. I loved the "Good Ending" music, thumbs up :)) 

thank you for the feedback! i appreciate it a lot! and thank you for playing my dumb game!

This was an experience...

I really loved playing this game and the physics engine was exploited... sorry not sorry!

ahaha, it was really funny to watch you break the game! so funny to have someone abuse the physics! there is a reason they are in the game c: but yes, thank you for the funny video!

this game sure was fun to play, the ending was funny too!

enjoyable video! fun to watch and thank you for the kind words!

Jumpscares got me :D :D 

ah oh my what a funny reaction, i'm full aware that the jumpscare is cheap, but its just so funny

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😉



Super weird but also super great. Love the graphics most of all!

loved the playthrough! glad you liked it.

My axe got stuck through the wall like 3 times and I was heated! but other than that I really like the style of the game. It definitely gave me old school doom vibes. Keep up the good work guys and here's my gameplay hope you like it!


Very sorry for the glitches, the clipping is something im struggling to patch. its in the description that "esc" quits the game, but i could have made that more clear, other than that, thanks for the fun video!

I really liked your game, and it ran smoothly, but I had some encoder lag (Still unsure of the cause) Even still, though you did a good job! 


No seriously.. GOOD JOB! Not only did I enjoy myself while playing the game, I had an equally good time editing my video. The ending was not only surprising to me, but an absolute vibe sess. I loved it and had a smile the entire time! The little hint of cannibalism, the creepy glaces you get of a few characters, that one guy who just says "Yeah.." was fun to mess around with. I was jumpscared each and every single time man, no joke.. Glad to see the song is on soundcloud, glad to see you guys put the effort into making this creatively funny game! This had the greatest ending that I have ever seen! 10/10 from me, can't wait to see future projects!

honestly all the kind words brought me on the edge of tears. i'm honoured for all the kind words, and i too had a blast watching your video and reactions and editing. as a one man's project it means so much to hear all the compliments, and praise for the song i recorded always surprises me lmao. love your style and vibe!

This game was hilarious! Yet, also quite terrifying haha, i loved the creativity put into this and the uniqueness! The ending was also something special :)) I hope to see more from you soon!

ah, you have such an nice energy to your video. thank you for your kind words, and thank you for such a lovely video

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