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Hey I played your game as part of my twitch stream! I really enjoyed this game because it kept me guessing and on edge the entire time. Falling unexpectedly and ominous entities did the trick for me. Also, I really like your art style. Was it really done in MS Paint? 

I read further you used asperite. Good stylistic choice, it for sure sets you apart!

Fun little horror game! Love the art style!

Did not cut short but in pieces. Fun game and spooked me a couple times. Nice catch!

yooo!, i want the chords to the good ending song so i can play it on piano, because that would sound awsome.

I can't play this game because it launches SteamVR and then closes itself. Looks good from the screenshots though.

Funniest and scariest indie game to see so far. Loved it!

I LOVE this sound design dude! Awesome work!

Awesome Game, I love the style and shortness of the game. Not too many jumpscare, not too little of this, this short game is one to remember. Good Job!

That thunder in the beginning scared the crap outta me, not gonna lie! I love the feel and look of the game, and the mechanics were smooth. For some reason, having objects easily breakable and able to be flipped over is very satisfying hahaha also the dance session at the end was nice!

Great work!

Hi men, really good work on this game, the jumpscares are well placed and it made me feel kinda incomfortable sometimes, but i was wondering: what did you use to make the game graphics (i mean like walls, table, paintings, etc..) cause i'm really bad at making my games graphics so i could use some help (it's okay if you don't want to share your methods, i totally understand that). Have a nice day ! ^^ 

i don't know which engine you uses, or what you specifically mean by graphics, but for the rendering i used ps1 post rendering effect in unreal engine through a youtube tutorial. and for the general looks i used blender for the meshes (spent minimal times modeling as its my worst field, but i think it added to the general looks) and for the textures i used asesprite.

Okay thanks, that's all i wanted to know, i use Unity as game engine so it'll maybe be a different process but it still help me, thank you man, and really good game ^^ !

I loved this game! The style, the environment, and the cute little nods to the developers in-game, you can really tell this was a labor of love made by passionate game devs. I really enjoyed playing it, though my only gripe was it not having a crosshair or center dot. For a game that relies on picking up stuff, this really frustrated me because I can't tell where I'm pointing at half the time, causing difficulty in picking up objects. Anyway, great game, looking forward to more projects!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 15:56) and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!


Did you have any trouble installing it? The thing just goes all the way around like it's installing it but then it said install again.


Thank you so much for the feedback, sadly i can't update or fix it up on the game as i don't have my rig anymore. but for future projects i will definitely remember this. thank you for the video 

this is gonna be a great horror game

SKIP TO 5:23 FOR CUT SHORT. Art style is great. Scary even if not 3D. The design of the setting was well thought out. The creature also looked pretty unique to the game and was also quite scary. I like how you slowly uncover what's going on. I especially loved the climactic part of the game. It makes it feel more complete. The grabbing mechanic was WEIRD. And the keys kept disappearing. Bonus points to the pictures of the (devs)? AND THE SURPRISE IF YOU GET A BAD ENDING. Got both endings in mine. 


That was a really good game. I liked the art style.

thank you for such nice compliment and such an amazing video, enjoyed it a lot!


I really enjoyed this game! More so then a lot of others I've played so far, I'm not sure if it was th setting of the game or the PS1 style graphics but I really liked it. I accidentally found what happens when you die off camera (Really loved it) XD Also I really liked the music as well! Keep up the fantastic work!


thank you so much! love the video and your style, it was a blast to watch and i left you a like for support! keep up the good work my man

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Pour les Francophones !
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This was so much fun! I had some issues with the game trying to launch my VR so I had to uninstall Oculus to get it to work but man was it worth it :)

thank you so much, and sorry for the vr thingie, glad you went so far just to try the game, loved the video, so i dropped a like!

im glad i figured out the issue because I would have had to miss out on an awesome game! Thanks for checking out the video! I wish you the best of luck in your future games! :)

yeah, super scary and i like the retro look

thank you so much!

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sure, if you like please rate my game, i appreaciate it:


Very fun! You definitely got me a few times with those jump scares, and it made me way more nervous rounding corners!

I also loved that I would sometimes be flung across the room if I walked across an item. I know that obviously was not intentional, but it broke the tense atmosphere and definitely helped me relax. If just a little ;) <3

yeah, i thought it would be fun to have some physics in the game, to loosen up the mood and keep it fun and enjoyable. thank you so much for the feedback and the support, and kind words. and thank you for playing!

Really fun game! Idk why it scared me as much as it did, I think that's why I love it so much. Those scary moments are in such a good spot in the narrative, thanks for making it! I added a video if you wanna check out my playthrough!


This was absolutely amazing lol I got the bad ending first and I think you might've mixed it up with the good ending cause that party room was amazing!

Gameplay BR

10/10 Best physics simulator yet

And here I thought I’d be dropping a line to say I look forward to the full version, just to now realize the full version is finished lol. Looks like I’ll be coming back after I finish it, but I enjoyed what I played. The style grabbed me right away, and gives the game a certain charm that’s missing from many games I’ve played. 

I Loved❤️

fun game


I loved the music man did you make it yourself? I also loved the setting of the creepy house in the woods it was all very good

Here is my video: 

Really Good Game

Really good game!WHAT IS THAT! - Cut Short Horror Indie Game

The prepare to get eaten song is so good, im actually hearing it on my playlist. The game was also fun, i played it multiple times to get the endings.

Had an amazing time playing this man keep up the amazing work!!

I'm sure this game is amazing but I chickened out 😆. I barely got anywhere but I made a little video if you wanna see a quick first look of the game without any spoilers

I had a lot of fun playing this one! great work! unfortunately i encountered a glitch at the end and i couldn't defeat the monster, the axe did not work or i overlooked something which was a shame because i really like the game!

I love the retro style pixelated graphics, the fun animation and the tongue in cheek photos on the wall. There were some issues picking up the keys and items which really threw me off but overall a great game!

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I really liked this game! But I had a ton of issues with crashes and glitches preventing progress. I got a fatal error three times over the course of recording and it glitched out with the axe once and I had to restart. But what I was able to play was really good; I liked that the game didn't take itself too seriously and I had fun with it!

Great game! the jumpscares got me lol, love the pixel graphics style and love the physics engine in this game lol.


hey, sorry about that glitch at the end where the axe didn't work on the boss, it appear to happen rarely, and i have personally never encountered it while playtesting, so i'm so sorry that happened. otherwise, thank you for the kind words, and the awesome playthrough

thanks for watching my playthrough, it really made my day, and it's all good, i manage to beat the boss off camera.

I enjoyed this I give 10/10 for prop surfing on leg limbs :D

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